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Cut & Dry Lumber Co. was founded by Holly von Winckel, an Albuquerque woodworker who has been passionately advocating for urban lumber recycling in the community since 2015. She saw the lack of locally sourced wood products in Albuquerque and the common practice of throwing out our cut trees, then buying lumber from out of state or out of country, and she set out to fill that gap by making wood available from the trees in which we’ve invested so many resources.

In 2018, she approached Baca’s Trees, a local Arborist company that’s been in business for over 40 years, and the partnership was a perfect match. Since 1979, Baca’s Trees has been caring for the trees of Albuquerque and other areas of New Mexico, with a focus on the health of trees and the community. Since the very beginning, a part of that dedication has been a refusal to take tree materials to the landfills.

The Cut & Dry Lumber Mill is an extension of that commitment - another way to make use of the trees we take down. In cooperation with the Baca’s Trees crews, Cut & Dry harvests and processes select tree trunks into boards, slabs, and other project materials. Recycling cut trees into materials for our amazing community of woodworkers and making reclaimed wood products for our fellow New Mexicans is a real pleasure, and an honor.

Our goal is to build up the tree recycling culture in New Mexico by leveraging our network and promoting public awareness so that the legacy of sustainability surpasses the work we do. Thank you for exploring this wonderful local resource, and including urban lumber in your project or home!

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