Urban Lumber vs. COVID-19

Your Health Is A Big Deal 18 May 2020

Happy May, fans of recycled lumber! Here’s a little good news for you.

As you’re aware, Governor Grisham has relaxed the health order as it pertains to doing business in our part of New Mexico. Specifically, small retail businesses are now allowed to operate at 25% of fire marshall rated capacity, with the ongoing edict to maintain safe distances (6’ between), hygiene practices (handwashing, masks, staying at home if you’re sick).

For Cut & Dry Lumber Company, that means we can now re-open sales to the public, including the warehouse and the yard. Because of the wide-open, outdoorsy nature of our business, that means you’re welcome to come by and shop with us. We don’t anticipate any rowdy mobs, and we’re not marking anything on the floor with tape … we have plenty of measuring tapes.

As of this writing, Cut & Dry Lumber expects to be open Tuesday through Friday, 9-5, and Saturday 8-Noon. I strongly recommend that you call ahead -- 505-433-1915 -- to verify that we are there, and that there aren’t already a bunch of other people on site.

We may not have been open to the public, but more milling got done during the hiatus, and more wood has been happening. There are new options to see and buy!

If you have left a message -- voicemail, text, or email -- I’ll be working through those to get back to you this week. It’s okay to reach out again, don’t be shy.

Thank you for your continued support of this small business. We appreciate your support, and hope you’ve remained safe and well since last we met.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Holly Von Winckel

Holly von Winckel, Founder
Cut & Dry Lumber Company, LLC

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