Custom Milling Services


A $75 setup fee gets you started. This fee includes metal detection, assessment of condition, determination of cuts, and the first half-hour of milling. $100/hour after that.

All estimated mill costs are subject to change, depending on the condition of the wood. If the exterior of the trunk has significant dirt, rocks, or other accumulation which must be removed with pressure washing or other means, that labor will be charged at the same rate.

Some trunks may not be suitable for milling because of inclusions such as rocks or metallic objects, or because the shape or size isn’t safe to mill.

Clients may observe the mill work, with adequate safety precautions.


If you cannot move the trunk, we can arrange transportation for a fee.

If a boom or other heavy equipment is required, or specially trained personnel are needed, the charges for that will be negotiated separately from the milling fees.

Drying Services / Storage

Air or kiln drying your rough cut lumber is a storage arrangement, and will be limited by space available.

Any wood not collected by the specified completion date will be subject to additional storage fees, and will become the property of the company when the assessed fees are equal to the retail value of the lumber.

Mobile milling (we come to you) may be available, depending on your project and location. Ask us!